Jira: Invalid Server ID

In case you migrated from Jira Cloud to the self-hosted version your server id probably got corrupted. You can revert this by searching your Jira logs for the ID and manually change it in the database.

  1. Download a support ZIP from the Jira
  2. Stop the Jira server
  3. Run grep -r "Installation Type" -C 5 . inside of the extracted support ZIP
  4. You can find now a previous Server ID by looking though the output
  5. Log into your database and update your Server ID: UPDATE propertystring SET propertyvalue = 'XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX' where id = (select id from propertystring where id in (select id from propertyentry where PROPERTY_KEY='jira.sid.key'));
  6. Star Jira again!

You should have a new server id now.

Do you have questions? Send an email to max@maxammann.org