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APU: Flash Coreboot on APUs using Tiny Core Linux

The documentation about setting up Tiny Core Linux to flash a new coreboot version on APU boards is quite outdated. If you are interested in flashing the APU using a Raspberry PI then head over to this post.

Setup Tiny Core Linux on a USB stick

First you need to setup a MSDOS partition table using fdisk.

  • fdisk /dev/sdX

Press ‘o’ in the menu in order to setup the partition table. After that press ‘n’ to create a new partition. Then press ‘a’ to make the partition bootable.

The next step is to install the syslinux bootloader using your package manager. Then setup the bootloader on the USB stick:

  • syslinux -if /dev/sda1

After that you need to copy the MBR record:

  • dd conv=notrunc bs=440 count=1 if=/usr/lib/syslinux/bios/mbr.bin of=/dev/sda

Finally download Tiny Core Linux from

  • curl -O

and extract it on the USB stick. Finally download the coreboot image you want to flash from and also extract it on the stick.

Flashing the Coreboot Image

After booting from the USB stick you can flash the firmware using this guide.

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